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Rules CATCH-gather

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Rules CATCH-gather Empty Rules CATCH-gather

Poste  Admin on Tir Mai 25, 2010 8:05 pm


All games will be played on 1 map MR15. Map pool is: de_nuke, de_train, de_inferno, de_dust2 and de_tuscan.

Picking maps:

The captain of each team will agree on a map to be played. If they can not agree, they will ban 1 map each until there is 1 map remaining. The game will be played on this map. CT starts to ban.

General rules:

Cheating will result in a permanent ban.
All games should be played with EAC. The only exception is if both leaders of the game agrees to not play with it.
You must record demo of every game you play, and keep the demo for atleast 24 hours. 24 hours after a game is finished is the timelimit for any person to complain about a game.
All players must play with their registered nick. Fakenicking is not allowed.

.forceabort is not allowed to use after sign-up is closed, except if both captains agree.
(the team-captain that uses this command will be punished with -50 pts)
(its not allowed to replace people after sign-up is closed, except if both captains agree too replace with a player that didnt signup)

People who leaves after sign-up is closed will be punished with -50 points.
(You should be able to plan one hour into the future before you sign for gather)
1; -50 pts to the player that left.
2; team-captain looks for steppin.
3; if you can't find steppin everyone must use .truant (nick) and the game will be reported a draw. (this means the player you truant gets -80 points)

After teams are decided players that are NOT on server after 5 minutes will be punished with -30 points

Stack rules:
5v5 stack is allowed.

stack versus random leader is not allowed! both teams need to be stack.
when playing stack ask for 5v5 stack-game and be ready to sign when you got opponents.

If 2,3 or 4 players wants to stack, BOTH captains must agree and captains have to firstpick people they stack with.


net_graph is NOT allowed to use in cs.no-gather, if used you will get -30 penalty points. If you continue to use net_graph you will get banned from cs.no-gather.
Flashbugs, boosting through roofs etc is forbidden.
Should a bug occure, you should pause the game in the next freezetime. The team who abused the bug will lose the previous round and all of the remaining rounds of that half. The only exception is of both leaders agree it did not affect the game in an important way. This will be discussed during that freezetime.


If the score is leveled after 30 rounds of play, you are to play overtime with MR3 and 10 000 startmoney.
If the score still is leveled after one overtime, you play another OT until there is a winner.


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